John’s mules

When I was still giving longlining clinics regularly, John Stratton bred, raised and trained mules. His mules were truly lovely animals and have engendered in me an entirely new appreciation of mules.

Photo 1 is Bisquit. At the time of this picture she had won many riding and driving classes for both John and Joyce. In this photo she displays ADP.  If you don’t know what ADP is, read the article on the trot.

Photo 2 is Sugar. Of all John’s mules, she was my favorite! She was a wonderful mover with an equally wonderful mind.

Photo 3 is Windy. She was the most striking of the mules I worked with.  She was also a lovely mover! Shortly after this was taken she was started in roping training.  If you want your horse to be healthy and sound in old age, DO NOT start them in any kind of strenuous training until they are 3½ years old or until their joints have ALL closed.