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Listed in the menu are articles on longlining, hitching, driving and evaluation of movement. I’ve even thrown in a couple in Extra Stuff that don’t necessarily belong in one of the other categories. Some of these articles were originally published in The Whip, Practical Horsemen, Driving West or Dressage & CT Magazine. Others were written specifically per someone’s request. Regardless, as nothing stays static, I’ve updated some of the articles with additional text and images. I’ve also reordered some information to help those who are following through the lessons.

Nancy Van Deen has contributed a wonderful and informative article on conditioning for driving horses. She’s a very talented lady and her generosity in sharing her knowledge is very appreciated.

Many of the wonderful photos illustrating my articles were taken by Cindy Lee. There’s no way I can adequately express my appreciation of Cindy’s time, talent and efforts. If I every manage to get the book written, she may finally get the recognition she truly deserves. Where not Cindy’s work, and when I know who, I’ve tried to note the photographer.

We also have a private forum for people longlining through the summer of 2012. If there is sufficient interest, we will repeat the private forum in 2013 with signups beginning in March.

Please remember, the process of developing the equine athlete takes time. Just because all the articles are here in a bunch doesn’t mean you can do this in a weekend! To do a good job takes many months, sometimes years.


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